Service Center

Our competent after-sales service is guaranteed by our service company GMCI-Service GmbH in Nuremberg.

GMC-I Service GmbH is a leading after-sales service provider of measuring and testing equipment
certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 as well as to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Our DAkkS calibration laboratory is accredited to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.

We offer you an optimized full-service package. This includes repairs, spare parts service,
service contracts, rental equipment service, DGUV regulation 3 testing (BGV A3 examinations),
calibration services, value- and quality-preserving measures.

In addition, we guarantee the safety and reliability of all operating resources at all times,
the promotion of customer employees and thus increase the profitability of our customers.

Email Service (Calibrations, Warranty Service, and Repairs)

Email Tech Support (Technical Support, Hardware and Software)


To ensure this, the test equipment must be periodically calibrated and traceable to national standards.

Furthermore, the determined measured values ​​must be documented. The return of the calibration results to the national standards has already been certified by the user in a standard "factory certificate".  

However, the international recognition of such certificates became more and more questionable
due to the enormous increase of partly unqualified calibration service providers.

Therefore, ISO 9000 inspectors are increasingly demanding calibration certificates from calibration services that are accredited or associated in EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), and not just in other European countries.


As a leading service provider of devices
and systems for measuring, testing, control
and automation technology, we offer a comprehensive
repair service.   Through our highly qualified staff and supervised
processes, we ensure fast and competent repair of
your defective device.



Rental Services

A device currently in use fails in principle at the most unfavorable moment and a repair time is then always experience to be too long.

All your test equipment is in use, but of course a new order has to be done.

Your test device is currently in the calibration laboratory and current measurements are pending.
For all these cases, we can offer you a rental device at low cost.

Our VDE test equipment is constantly adapted
to the latest standards and market requirements.
This ensures that you still have a current
and standard-compliant tester today.  

Advantages of the update     

  • Always current technical state     
  • Adaptation to the latest standards and regulations     
  • Participation in developmental developments     
  • Avoiding unnecessary new purchases     
  • Survey and predictable costs

When using modern and high-quality measuring
and testing equipment, the ability to deliver
spare parts is an important purchase criterion.

With us you are always well taken care of.
In our well stocked warehouse you will find
original spare parts for almost all devices.  

Delivery service - Worldwide

As a premium service provider for measuring and testing equipment, we naturally also offer
you a spare parts Delivery service.

We supply you with original spare parts
worldwide - fast and uncomplicated.