• Economic success
  • Long-term assurance of the marketability of our company
  • Satisfied costumers, as well as an intact environment
GMC Quality Policy


    • To meet the requirements of our customers, In the design of our products and processes, we behave environmentally conscious.
    • Legal and regulatory requirements are met and regularly audited.
    • We also demand quality and environmental awareness as well as reliability from our suppliers.
    • Every employee fulfills the goal of satisfying his customers with his work performance.
    • By constantly improving our processes, we want the effectiveness of our IM system constantly evolve.
    • Error prevention is before troubleshooting.
GMC Environmental Policy
  • We promote the environmental awareness of our employees.
  • We examine the environmental impact of our processes.
  • We determine in advance the environmental impact of new processes and products.
  • We avoid and / or reduce negative environmental impacts with modern technology.
  • We conserve our natural resources.
  • We avoid accidents with environmental impact.
  • We inform our customers about the environmental impact of our products.
  • We involve suppliers and contractors in our environmental activities.
  • We have an open dialogue with the authorities.
  • We comply with the requirements of the environmental laws and our environmental goals that apply to us and check this regularly.
  • We reduce costs by adhering to our guidelines for our company

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