Quality and Certificates

Dranetz Quality Commitment

Throughout our organization, Dranetz is committed to Quality Products & Services. Dranetz & and its sister company Daytronic, will design, manufacture and support products that conform to customer and regulatory requirements. We will also strive to exceed customer expectations in product performance, delivery and reliability. In support of this policy, Dranetz & Daytronic will maintain an effective Quality Program as described in the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standard. Our employees strive to:

  • Reduce in-process defects
  • Increase yields
  • Reduce customer returns
  • Increase customer satisfaction

We are proud to display ISO9000:2015 Certification, as we believe this sets Dranetz apart from the competition.

Bertil Christian
CEO and President - Global Power Technology, Dranetz Technologies, Daytronic, and Electrotek Concepts


About ISO Standards:

“The ISO 9000 standards give organizations an opportunity to increase value to their activities and to improve their performance continually, by focusing on their major processes. The standards place great emphasis on making quality management systems closer to the processes of organizations and on continual improvement. As a result, they direct users to the achievement of business results, including the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties. The management of an organization should be able to view the adoption of the quality management system standards as a profitable business investment, not just as a required certification issue. Among the perceived benefits of using the standards are:

      • The connection of quality management systems to organizational processes
      • The encouragement of a natural progression towards improved organizational performance, via:
      • The use of the Quality Management Principles
      • The adoption of a “process approach”- emphasis of the role of top management
      • requirements for the establishment of measurable objectives at relevant functions and levels
      • Being orientated toward “continual improvement” and “customer satisfaction”, including the monitoring of information on “customer satisfaction” as a measure of system performance.
      • Measurement of the quality management system, processes, and product- consideration of statutory and regulatory requirements.
      • Attention to resource availability
Dranetz ISO Certification