Delivery and Warranty

For delivery and for our service offer, the following conditions apply

  • Manufacturer's Warranty

    In practice, the terms warranty and guarantee are often lumped together. Warranty is not a guarantee!

    What is a warranty? - Warranty Rights

    The warranty is a statutory provision and
    obligates the seller to hand over to the customer
    a product that is free from defects. If there are
    any defects in the product that the customer notices within two years, then the seller is obliged to replace the product.

    However, this only applies if the deficiencies complained of were present at the time of purchase, but not for later defects or signs of wear.

    End users are entitled to warranty for 24 months thereafter. What is a mistake in the sense of Warranty? Mistakes are made if the matter from the beginning does not conform to the agreement, or does not correspond to the information in the advertisement / product description, or not the usual usage and condition.      

    No errors in terms of warranty are:    

    Use-related wear     

    Defects that were already known to the customer at the time of purchase.

    The fault of the customer.

    Another limiting factor is the burden of proof rule, which applies only to private consumers!

    In the first 6 months of the warranty period,
    it is assumed that the error was present at
    the handover. In the remaining 18 months,
    the buyer must prove that the defect was
    already present at delivery.

    What is Guarantee? - Manufacturer's warranty Guarantee is a voluntary service of the manufacturer and refers to the durability of the product.

    If there are defects or premature wear that affects the functionality of the product, then the manufacturer agrees to replace or repair this product within a fixed period of time.

    In the case of a complaint, it only has to be clarified whether the defect falls within the warranty conditions specified by the manufacturer and the repair is to be paid for free or, if necessary, by the customer.

  • Warranty Terms

    The warranty period on all Gossen Metrawatt products is, unless otherwise stated in the sales documents of the product, 1 year from delivery.

    A warranty period of 3 years (from delivery) applies to:

    Digital Multimeters  

    Energy Meters

    Summing Stations

    Load optimization systems   

    Power Quality Analyzers:HDPQ, HDPQ SP, PX5 Family.

    Controller and Power Indicator A2000

    Transducers: SINEAX, SIRAX, KINAX, EURAX by Camille Bauer.

    The warranty covers detectable material or
    manufacturing defects. Excluded are fuses,
    batteries, batteries, manuals and mechanical
    components subject to normal wear and tear.

    The warranty also does not cover failures
    and damage resulting from misuse, non-product use, negligence, tampering, accidents or
    abnormal operating conditions, and consequential
    charges of any kind. We do not provide any
    warranty on any open products with broken seals.

    For third-party products, the warranty conditions
    of the respective manufacturer apply.

    As of: February 13, 2015