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Item number: M235J

ASi Bus Tester – Diagnostics and Addressing Tool, ASi Version 3.0

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Product Highlights

  • The addressing device offers the following functions for convenient initial start-up and diagnostics of ASi bus systems:
  • Read-out and selection of slave addresses 0 to 31, 1A to 31A or 1B to 31B for all AS interface slaves
  • Measurement of voltage in the AS interface conductor and measurement of operating current for AS-i slaves
  • Testing of input and output data from digital and analog slaves in accordance with AS interface specification V3.0, including safety relevant input slaves
  • Selection of slave parameters for test purposes and read-back of the parameter echo
  • Read-out of the slave profile (IO, ID, ID2)
  • Read-out and setting of the ID1 code Read-out of data objects, identifiers and diagnostics in the case of CTT2 slaves
  • Read-out of the safety code sequences of safety relevant input slaves (ASIsafe)
  • Reading and writing of the cyclical input and output channels of CTT2 slaves
  • Storage of complete network configurations (profiles of all slaves) as an addressing aide


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